Leica Geosystems HDS Accessories

Leica Geosystems HDS Targets

HDS targets can be scanned and surveyed by traditional surveying instruments. They are easy to place on virtually any kind of surface and can often be left in place as useful reference points. Leica Geosystems HDS blue planar targets allow intelligent, automatic identification and extraction by Cyclone software thanks to carefully designed differences in reflectivity between the target centre and the main target surface, plus tight manufacturing tolerances.

Leica Geosystems HDS Planar Targets

Planar targets come in two different shapes and sizes:

  • 3″x3″ Square targets are sized small for convenient use in digested areas and placement on narrow structures.
  • 6″ Circular targets are larger and are more convenient for acquisition at longer ranges or lower scan densities.

All planar targets are available with differrent backings for placement on a variety of surfaces:

  • Adhesive backed targets
  • Magnetic backed targets
Leica Geosystems HDS Planar Square Targets

3″x3″ square planar target

Leica Geosystems HDS Planar Circular Targets

6″ circular planar target

Leica Geosystems HDS Tilt & Turn Targets

Rugged planar tilt and turn targets are Leica Geosystems HDS’ newest standard targets. They have a 5/8″ female thread for mounting on target poles or magnetic mounts. They can be tilted and turned for a precise orientation to the scanner. They are available in two shapes and sizes and two colors:

  • Small size blue 3″x3″ square targets
  • Large size blue 6″ circular targets
  • Large size black & white 6″ circular targets

*The v-block magnetic mount not included with the tilt & turn target.

3x3 inch square tilt & turn target

3″x3″ square tilt & turn target

6 inch circular tilt & turn target

6″ circular tilt & turn target

6 inch black & white, tilt & turn target

6″ circular tilt & turn target*

Leica Geosystems HDS Twin-Target Pole

Leica Geosystems HDS Twin-Target Pole

The twin-target pole system contains two Leica Geosystems HDS flat targets and an accurate (20′) vial for precise pole setups at control points. It allows quick orientation of scans to vertical, quick geo-referencing of small sites and prism* mount on top for easy target surveys.

*The prism is not included in the twin target pole system.

Leica Geosystems HDS Power Supplies

Leica ScanStation C10 Power Supplies

The Leica ScanStation C10 standard package is delivered with 4 internal batteries and a basic charger for these batteries. For additional flexibility an external battery, an AC adapter and a professional charger are available. All these items can be packed into one single accessories transport box.

Leica Geosystems HDS Power Supplies

GEB241, C10 internal batteryRechargeable, hot swappable battery with Li-Ion technology4.8 Ah, 14. 8hMore than 3.5 h operating time (2 batteries simultaneously) Compatible with Leica TS30/TM30

Leica Geosystems HDS Power Supplies

Two different chargers are available: Basic charger (one battery charging capability) or Professional charger (up to 4 batteries charging capability)

Leica Geosystems HDS Power Supplies

GEB271/GKL271, C10 external batteryExternal universal battery (Li-Ion technology) with charging station14.8 V, 16.8 AhOutput power: 14.8 V, 24 V, 36 V (besides Leica ScanStation C10 also operates with Leica ScanStation 2, ScanStation, HDS3000, Leica GNSS and Leica TS30/TM30)More than 6 h operating time

Leica Geosystems HDS Power Supplies

GEV230, C10 AC adapter AC power supply for the SS C10 Scanner operation independent from battery power

Leica HDS6200 Power Supplies

The Leica HDS6200 standard package is delivered with 2 internal batteries, a charging cradle and an AC adapter which can also be used for battery charging.

Leica Geosystems HDS Power Supplies

HDS6200 internal batteryInternal rechargeable batteryLi-Ion technologyUp to 2.5 h operating time

Leica Geosystems HDS Power Supplies

HDS6200 external batterySealed lead acid batteryUp to 4 h operating time

Leica Geosystems HDS Power Supplies

HDS6200 AC adapter and charger for internal/external batteryPower scanner with AC power supplyMakes the scanner independent from battery power. Charge internal and external battery

Leica Geosystems HDS Power Supplies

HDS6200 charger for internal battery. Charging cradle for internal battery

Leica Geosystems Tripods

Heavy-Duty Tripods

Heavy-duty tripods for High definition Surveying are available with wooden or Fibreglass legs. They have an excellent stability in vertical and horizontal direction as well as impressive vibration characteristics.

Photo Tripods

This aluminum photo tripod allows the user to quickly set up the instrument in a completely stable position.

Leica Geosystems HDS Tripods

Fibreglass Tripod with Quick Clamp

Leica Geosystems HDS Tripods

GST20-9 Wooden Tripod

Leica Geosystems HDS Photo Tripods

Photo Tripod

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